Dedicated to Deep Impact.

Our commitment.

We believe that together we can create a better world by actively helping to meet the basic needs of every man, woman and child. Thought leader and American author Stephen Covey identified these basic needs as the 4Ls, the inspiration behind our name. They are:

Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy.

We are dedicated to ensuring that people worldwide have these 4 basic needs met. That is why we use our many years of experience not only to successfully manage our clients’ wealth, but also to make an important contribution towards a better future for all living beings on our planet.


The need to Live is our immediate need for food, shelter, economic well-being and health.


The need to Love is our need for relationships with other people, for belonging and love.


The need to Learn is our need to develop and grow.


And the need to Leave a Legacy is our need for meaning that outlasts our personal existence.

Our team.

Michael Gehrsitz

Managing Director

Elena Eberle

Managing Director

Steffen Schäfer

Portfolio Manager / Fund Manager / General Manager

Antonia Uhlig

Analyst / deputy Portfolio Manager

Melanie Benkler

Executive Assistant

Nicole Becker

Portfolio Management and Analysis Consultant

Our supervisory board.

Ralph Suikat


Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Member of the Supervisory Board

Florian Schildge

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

“We must succeed in using money in a responsible and sustainable way.”

Our impact committee

Dr. Christin ter Braak Forstinger, LL.M.

Co-founder and CEO Chi Impact Capital

Dr. Johannes Knorz, LL.M.


Florian Henle

Founder and CEO Polarstern GmbH

Sébastien Martin

Founder and CEO Impact Associates GmbH

Prof. Dr. Falko Paetzold, MBA

Professor for Sustainable Finance

Dr. Lauren Lentz

Founder of Revent

Our Impact Family

4L Capital AG was established by single family office 4L Vision GmbH with the acquisition of Bardusch AG, an asset management company active since 2002. The 4L Vision GmbH, has been at the center of Ralph Suikat and Dr. Johannes Knorz’s impact investing activities since 2016.

Both are dedicated impact investors who put their heart and soul into numerous ventures, projects and charities. Over the years, 4L Vision GmbH has grown into an extensive network of entrepreneurs and pioneers that call themselves the “Impact Family”.

All “family members” are united in their mission and drive to make a difference together. They create dynamic change through their innovative ideas, far-reaching resources and the special opportunities that impact investing offers.

We are part of the 4L Impact Family.