In compliance with legal requirements under Article 3 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, we provide the following information:

  • As a company, we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable, resource-efficient economy and specifically with the aim of mitigating the risks and impacts of climate change. In addition to adhering to sustainability goals in our organisation, it is also our mission to educate our customers about all aspects of sustainability in the way they do business with us.
  • Environmental conditions, social unrest and or poor corporate governance can have a negative impact on the value of our clients’ investments and assets in several ways. These so-called sustainability risks can have a direct impact on the assets, any financing and the earnings in a portfolio, as well as affecting the reputation of the investments themselves. Since such risks cannot ultimately be completely ruled out, we have developed specific strategies as part of the financial services we offer in order to be able to identify and limit sustainability risks.
  • To limit sustainability risks, we aim to identify and, if possible, exclude investments in such companies that show an increased risk potential. With specific exclusion criteria, we see ourselves in a position to align investment decisions with environmental, social or corporate values. For this purpose, we generally use valuation methods that are recognised in the market.
  • The identification of suitable investments may, on one hand, rely on selecting investment funds which already have in place a suitable and recognised management strategy to address sustainability risks. We may also use accredited rating agencies to assist us in identifying suitable investments with the aim of limiting sustainability risk in the product selection for our asset management. The specific details are a result of the individual agreements.
  • Our company’s strategies for the management of sustainability risks also inform the company’s internal organisational guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines is a key factor for the evaluation of our employees’ work performance and thus has a significant influence on future salary development. In this respect, the remuneration policy is in line with our strategies to address sustainability risks (art. 5 of The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation)

As at: 10.03.2021