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Across all asset classes, impact investing inspires more and more investors. This is because in addition to “risk”, “return” and “liquidity”, impact investing adds a positive social and environmental impact in the real economy. At the same time, impact investing achieves a financial return that is consistent with market returns in the respective asset classes. This impact is achieved through transparent intention and must be measurable or verifiable. Impact investing thus goes much further than the classic Environmental, Social & Governance practices (ESG practices).

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4L Capital Impact Equities Fund

Start of 4L Capital Impact Equities Fund

Since Dec 1, 2021 the Artikel 9 4L Capital Impact Equities Fund is available in an institutional (from TEUR 250) as well as a retail tranche (from EUR 100).

Credit Suisse

In the Family Office Guide to Impact Investing Credit Suisse features a 4L Vision Case Study

Sustainable and impact investing have come a long way since the term was coined in 2007. It has become a vital tool for family offices to align investments with the family values.


Germany’s first impact asset manager launches with all star team

Increasingly, investors are demanding to reach beyond ESG practices. They want to achieve more with their capital.


Invest with clear conscience

A newly set up Family Office incorporates social and ecological aspects in the stock selection process.

Press Release

Launch of 4L Capital AG, the first impact asset manager in Germany

Increasingly, investors are demanding to reach beyond environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

Peter Brock & Dr. Johannes Knorz

Growth of impact investing…

… (in Germany/and the Europe-an Union) generally and as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Michael Foster

4L Vision – the impact investment trend gathers pace

Germany’s 4L Vision has become the latest in a small, but growing, tribe of single- family offices 100% committed to impact investing.


A Family Office Going 100% Impact

,,We started as a normal family office investing in various asset classes.”