Drive positive change with your capital.

4L Capital AG
The asset manager and family office for Impact investing.

Impact for your portfolio or for the planet? There can only be one answer: it must be both.

We manage your wealth by investing it in assets that shape the future. For example, we invest in companies that make an important contribution to solving the main ecological and social challenges of our time.

Client focus, integrity and a passion for Impact.

We are passionate about impact investing and have over a decade of experience. Your expectations, wishes and values are the guiding principles that drive our investment strategy for you. We will invest your assets in a way that most effectively achieves the optimal Impact and maximises your financial returns.

Every asset class.
Every opportunity
to shape the future.

Listed equities, bonds, private equity/debt, funds or real estate: we assess and offer a wide range of solutions for the secure and effective investment of your assets.

In partnership with you, we will tailor a bespoke and comprehensive strategy and select exactly those opportunities that fit your investment goals, your values and life phase.

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